Basic Info

Basic Information
  1. An area of 100m by 50m in Balaclava Bay, Portland, 200m to the south-west of Portland Harbour’s southern entrance.
  2. Exact coordinates:
Point Lat Long
1 N50o 34.069 W2o 25.504
2 N50o 34.080 W2o 25.465
3 N50o 34.030 W2o 25.432
4 N50o 34.019 W2o 25.470


  1. The Park is clearly marked by 4 yellow marker buoys from April through to October.
  2. The depth ranges from 10m to 14m.
  3. The bottom is gritty sand.
  4. The Park is generally protected from the predominantly southerly and westerly winds by Portland and from northerly winds by the harbour breakwater wall.
  5. The Dredger wreck is within 50m of the park. There is a thick rope on the seabed from the Dredger to the Park.
  6. The Hood entrance is 200m away.
  7. Combined with the Dredger, the dive could easily entertain for the duration of a full cylinder. However, it is recommended you take your time to explore and perhaps take in the Dredger and the Park over 2 dives.
  8. A dive and boat permit are required. Both cheap and easy to obtain (click here or go to
  9. Dive shops in the area provide accompanied tours. See Home Page or Facilities/Services page
  10. Here is an example of some artefacts on the seabed (not all are listed – this is a designed to be a dive park of adventure):
    • A 2.5m tall deep sea diver
    • A 3m long shark
    • 2 x 6 ton Admiralty mooring anchors
    • Upright and vertical 1.2m wide pipes to swim through and down into
    • A ruined Roman temple
  11. There is an abundance of sea life.
  12. A heavy rope lies on the seabed to guide divers from the Dredger wreck to the Park and then between artefacts.

Underwater Curiosity Park Facts:

Average Depth

Typically diving is between 10m-14m and with a sandy bottom making for good visibility

Number of Curosities

There will be up to 25 man-made artefacts to discover and explore as well as a diverse range of  marine life.


The Underwater Curiosity Park is about the size of a football pitch 100m x 50m marked out by 4 large yellow dive buoys.

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